Boost your fruit tree production and fertility with a selection of plants designed to: -Break up compacted soil -Attract butterflies & pollinators -Regulate nitrogen -Mine minerals to feed your tree -Add ground cover and mulch -Control erosion -Confuse and deter pests One guild includes 6 functional perennial plants and 2 bushes to support your tree. Selection is based on best-growing plants in the spring, which may include: -Strawberries -Yarrow -Borage -Comfrey -Violets -Sorrel -Hogpeanut -Ninebark -Buffaloberry -Hardy Silverberry -Blue False Indigo -Raspberry -Northern Bayberry -Highbush Cranberry -Bee Balm -Echinacea -Mint -Lovage -Sage -Oregano ...Many more possibilities! **Local pickup options available in Central NY, call or text for more information and to let us know your plant/bush preferences for your guild order: 315-400-2272