Upgrade your landscape into a food forest with fruit & nut trees, "guild" support plants to support your trees' health an productivity, berry bushes, flowers, and more!


Raised beds of all kinds, arbors, trellises, and more! Repurpose or harvest wood from your own property, or built with highest-quality materials like kiln-dried red cedar or galvanized steel.


Purchase pre-inoculated mushroom logs from us, or we can harvest and inoculate logs from your woods.


Online Consultation

  • One-hour phone call to answer your questions about:
  • Edible and regenerative landscape
  • Garden
  • Troubleshooting
  • Planning

Onsite Consultation (Full Day)

  • Full day (up to 8 hours) onsite permaculture landscape/homestead consultation.
  • Owners Andrew and Katie will:
  • -Do preliminary research on soils, topography, and land history
  • -Discuss yours and your family's goals for your site
  • -Perform onsite drainage and soil structure tests
  • -Provide follow-up information for you to be able to DIY your goals
  • -Alternatively, we would provide estimates for installation work.
  • **Additional standard IRS mileage will be charged for any onsite visits over 50 miles from Pulaski, NY.

Reach out to discuss your goals & receive a quote.