Inoculated shiitake logs are now available for sale! Pickup in Parish, NY or local delivery options available. Harvested locally using regenerative forestry practices & inoculated spring 2024. All spawn from Field and Forest Products Wide Range Temperature Strains: #1 Son: This is a wonderful strain for basic outdoor cultivation. It produces premium, high-quality mushrooms that are excellent in taste and freshness retention. Crops are a joy to harvest, with almost every mushroom perfectly dense, round and beautifully ornamented. #1 Son™ is a supernatural fruiter, with heavy flushes mid-fall. It also responds well to forced fruiting. Time to initial fruiting is 12+ months after inoculation. Fruiting temp range is 55-72°F. Beltane™ produces larger mushrooms over the full life of the log and tends to have a stronger natural fruiting over other strains. A nice all around strain for both forced or natural fruiting. Fruiting temp range 55-75° F. Double Jewel: This strain produces large, dense, beautifully ornamented mushrooms, often in attractive paired clusters, inspiring the name. A very productive strain. Fruits naturally in the spring and fall. Warm Weather Strains: Halo™ produces mushrooms with practically zero small mushrooms or culls - great for market growers! This strain produces mushrooms that are uniform, perfectly round and solid as a car tire, but with exceptional mushroom beauty, even in warm summer weather. Spawn run is longer than other Warm Weather strains, running about 12-18 months. Fruiting temp range 45-80° F. Native Son™: Naturalized in Wisconsin on the Field & Forest Farm several years ago, this strain has been tested from North to South and the results are the same: a very fast, vigorous strain with excellent quality. Unlike other wide range species, Native Harvest™ also gives a late fall flush; an added bonus for the Thanksgiving table! Spawn run is 6 to 12 months. Price: $30-$50/log depending on size. Most logs 48" x 6"-8", $35 ea. Call or text for availability. Bulk discounts available if ordering 10+ logs. * 4-5''x 48'' for $30 log, 6-8''x 48''for $35/log, or 10 or more mix of those sizes $30/log. * Large diameter logs $40-$50 depending on size, longer lasting & more heavily inoculated.